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04 November 2008

Election stuff... Why do I

Election stuff... Why do I seem to make friends with Republicans? Obama won, no on props 4 and 8!

01 November 2008

I won't need you. Because

I won't need you. Because I know the path that ends all suffering. And once I achieve that, I won't need anyone but myself. I love you.

Ugh... Idealists. They're either too

Ugh... Idealists. They're either too perky or preaching the end of the world through human folly. I don't know if I should love 'em or hate 'em..

31 October 2008

I hate when people complain

I hate when people complain about holidays.


26 October 2008

Volunteered at the Haute Dog

Volunteered at the Haute Dog Howloween Parade today, approx. 3 hrs. Saw lots of very cute doggy costumes.

24 October 2008

Mobile bloggy is stupid D:

12 October 2008

Rock Band

So we just got to play Rock Band [in our own home]... freaking AWESOME :D Yep, our band's name is Pondeur, and I'm vocals while Fuzzy's on drums... I may make a "band" blog XD That would be AWESOME. :D I like that word, awesome... hee.


Oh, technology! 18 floppy disks to hold probably not even half of my academy flash drive can! I love technology! And wonder why I still have floppys XD I really AM a pack rat <.<

10 October 2008

Brains, friends, and self portraits XD

Zack, me, Katie, and Fuzzy in DC :) my daddy's back there too xD

Zombie food pyramid. As you can see, no part of the human is wasted.


The coolest kids in the academy [Alex, Ralf, Andrew, me, Martin]. Today was the mob shot and so we spelled out "A&E*OF*2009"... It was pretty awesome. In reality, Alex and Martin had switched places, but that's okay xD Martin's so gangsta. Yeah, A&E is the best academy with the best kids and teachers and field trips and fundraisers and best everything XD

Oh yeah, A&E stands for "Architecture and Engineering".


09 October 2008

Music vids and SR. project

BodyRox ft. Luciana "Yeah Yeah"

Awesome song. :3 Go listen.

Working on senior project stuff. Might update later. I'd update more if my phone would work. Stupid Blogger.


05 October 2008

World of Warcraft

I srsly cannot pull myself away from this game. Nor can I stop writing fanfiction about this stupid thing. But honestly, it fascinates me-- the endless struggle between two bitter enemies [Horde and Alliance], both neither good nor evil, and a truly despicable third party [Burning Legion] thrown into the mix. Add some pretty solid gameplay, generally nice [if not all that intelligent] fanbase, and legions of people to socialize with, and you have a game I enjoy.

I find myself downloading the game again, just to play... I needs it D: Tempted as I am to install the Sims 2 now [also addicted to that stupid game]...

Also, the Blitz:

Me want.
It's about the size of the 2nd gen iPod NaNo... With a keyboard about the size of the bottom half of that. It's a slider [slides up to reveal keyboard]... It's freaking ADORABLE. Go to the Verizon site and look at a better picture/demo of it.

peace out;;

About Sarah Palin -- she

About Sarah Palin -- she is one scary, spaced out looking politician. So, basically, she fits right in.

Zombie burrito

Oh good god.

So it's dinner time, and I decide to have a microwave veggie burrito, right? Right.

I obey the packaging instructions, which tell me to remove the tortilla-wrapped goodness from the plastic wrapper and re-wrap the thing in a paper towel. I do so. I microwave for 1 minute [or however long it told me to] and pull it out. Placing it on a plate, I unwrap it.


Its insides spill out in a gooey mess of cheez. Veggies are covered in the sticky stuff, the tortilla-skin hardened in some sort of twisted mock-rigor mortis. I poke at the thing; I think it twitched.

After taking a bite [or four], I decide it's better for me to eat brains than this mutilated sack of guts.

So I do.

peace out;;

This is a mobile blog

This is a mobile blog test. If this works, then I am a million times cooler than previously thought. *Grins*

First Post

Ahh, the ever-important first post. I can never really figure out what the proper first post is for a new blog. On one hand, people may actually care about you, in which case, one could just list off things about themselves [name, A/S/L, hobbies, how they found the site, favourites, etc.]... but, there is also the case of people not really caring, in which case all that stuff would turn people off. You have to post something interesting for them to actually read the entire thing. It needs to be a ginormas LOOK AT ME! type of post. The kind most people don't have in their ENTIRE blogs, let alone the very first post [OMG].

I am one of those boring bloggers, really.

Name: Steph
You can call me: Mely, Zomboid, Crayon
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Hobbies: Reading, writing, drawing, video games
How I found Blogger: I've had a couple here && there... but I never really bothered to flesh them out. Until now. My mom has one, so yeah.
Favourites: game- Halo 3, World of Warcraft, Rock Band; band- Three Days Grace, Dir en Grey, Chevelle, Celldweller, Good Charlotte; book- Twilight series, Uglies series, Inheritance series, Inkspell series

Duuuuhhh, I dunno. I guess I'm gonna make this my new Xanga... I'll miss my Xanga... but oh well. && I guess I'll post would-be Myspace blogs here too... Hmm. I won't miss Myspace. Another reason for me to NOT go on Myspace! YAY!

Peace out;;