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05 October 2008

World of Warcraft

I srsly cannot pull myself away from this game. Nor can I stop writing fanfiction about this stupid thing. But honestly, it fascinates me-- the endless struggle between two bitter enemies [Horde and Alliance], both neither good nor evil, and a truly despicable third party [Burning Legion] thrown into the mix. Add some pretty solid gameplay, generally nice [if not all that intelligent] fanbase, and legions of people to socialize with, and you have a game I enjoy.

I find myself downloading the game again, just to play... I needs it D: Tempted as I am to install the Sims 2 now [also addicted to that stupid game]...

Also, the Blitz:

Me want.
It's about the size of the 2nd gen iPod NaNo... With a keyboard about the size of the bottom half of that. It's a slider [slides up to reveal keyboard]... It's freaking ADORABLE. Go to the Verizon site and look at a better picture/demo of it.

peace out;;

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