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05 October 2008

Zombie burrito

Oh good god.

So it's dinner time, and I decide to have a microwave veggie burrito, right? Right.

I obey the packaging instructions, which tell me to remove the tortilla-wrapped goodness from the plastic wrapper and re-wrap the thing in a paper towel. I do so. I microwave for 1 minute [or however long it told me to] and pull it out. Placing it on a plate, I unwrap it.


Its insides spill out in a gooey mess of cheez. Veggies are covered in the sticky stuff, the tortilla-skin hardened in some sort of twisted mock-rigor mortis. I poke at the thing; I think it twitched.

After taking a bite [or four], I decide it's better for me to eat brains than this mutilated sack of guts.

So I do.

peace out;;

1 comment:

lisita15 said...

Welllllllllllllllllll... at least you're trying............... sometimes, those things are horrid... as you found out..... brraaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnssssssssssss...