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01 March 2009

Lipsync & sr project update

OMG. First, I want to rant about Lipsync & Chizu's poor planning. So we have something like TWO MONTHS to get this together... lipsync is where clubs/teams put together a dance to a song and perform it, and I think we win money for our club or something stupid -.-" Anyway, it's come to a boiling point this weekend... Friday morning in 3rd period (about 10:30AM) Chizu texts me & tells me that there is a practice tomorrow (Saturday) at "2 or 3"... So I tell her, "when, where, how long?" because I'm not going off of a "2 or 3"... I need a TWO or a THREE. And I tell her that I need an answer by the end of the school day because I have plans this weekend. She says nothing. So I'm like, okay, can't go. Saturday I have a carwash for Speech & Debate anyway. At TWO FRIGGIN' THIRTY IN THE MORNING SATURDAY, Chizu texts me & says that lipsync practice at three. I'm like, UHHH NO? Try again. So I don't go, plus we end up being out all day, blahblah. Mizu (Chizu's older sister) calls me at 7PM Saturday night to inform me that, on top of the pink shirt/skirt, I need black shoes, white knee-high socks, & cuffs for my shirt. I'm like, UHHH NO? Try again. We're out most of the day today, & I'm not gonna try & drag my parents around looking for stuff *again*... blahblah. Planning sucks. Anyway, Llamas (one of the boys in the dance) just found out TONIGHT what he needs to wear & may have to drop out because he can't get a suit *not blaming him*... Bleeeh.

Senior project update: I have FIELD WORK YAY -.-" I'm gonna start walking teh Ginger, & training her again. I KNOW she can learn the stuff for therapy dogs... I need to make my powerpoint, perfect my speech, & create my portfolio (all easy stuff)... I also need to find an obedience class, which reminds me, I'll go email someone right now...

Bah, I'm angryface. Laura's taking me tomorrow & we're gonna see if I can find some stupid friggin' socks. Now I know why last minute plans pissed my mom off when I was younger... Sorry, Mommy! D:

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beachmom15 said...

awwwww.... you are forgiven!!! always!!! I love you!!! you guys did a good job!!! we enjoyed the whole lipsync show!!! You are AWESOME.. hugs and kisses......