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05 October 2008

First Post

Ahh, the ever-important first post. I can never really figure out what the proper first post is for a new blog. On one hand, people may actually care about you, in which case, one could just list off things about themselves [name, A/S/L, hobbies, how they found the site, favourites, etc.]... but, there is also the case of people not really caring, in which case all that stuff would turn people off. You have to post something interesting for them to actually read the entire thing. It needs to be a ginormas LOOK AT ME! type of post. The kind most people don't have in their ENTIRE blogs, let alone the very first post [OMG].

I am one of those boring bloggers, really.

Name: Steph
You can call me: Mely, Zomboid, Crayon
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Hobbies: Reading, writing, drawing, video games
How I found Blogger: I've had a couple here && there... but I never really bothered to flesh them out. Until now. My mom has one, so yeah.
Favourites: game- Halo 3, World of Warcraft, Rock Band; band- Three Days Grace, Dir en Grey, Chevelle, Celldweller, Good Charlotte; book- Twilight series, Uglies series, Inheritance series, Inkspell series

Duuuuhhh, I dunno. I guess I'm gonna make this my new Xanga... I'll miss my Xanga... but oh well. && I guess I'll post would-be Myspace blogs here too... Hmm. I won't miss Myspace. Another reason for me to NOT go on Myspace! YAY!

Peace out;;

1 comment:

lisita15 said...

SO, I get the credit that your here.. well kinda... you have only been here one day and you are all MOVED IN!!!!! I'm jealous... but then again, your my beautiful daughter and I taught you well!!!!! hahahahahaha...